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Need to know – how to help your knees this Summer?

As we approach Summer and better weather, it’s common for people to begin exercising more either on their own, in group activities or sport. Well-known sporting events, such as Wimbledon Tennis, always inspire people to resume or try sports they have enjoyed watching.

Who doesn’t love a game of tennis in the sun, especially after watching your favourite player on the court? It’s a sport anyone can enjoy and a great activity for families to do together. However, aches and pains are a common result of the repetitive overload on soft tissues/ joints, and knees can feel particularly vulnerable.

Our knees are the most complex joint in our bodies, and when hurt, we can feel particularly vulnerable and fearful of certain movements. This can lead to even simple day-to-day activities being compromised, and over time can result in pain, reduced activity and even a negative impact on our mental health.

The knee, however, is often not the root cause of your pain. Your ankle or hip may not be doing its portion of the work correctly, which places more strain on your knee. It is also really important that all the surrounding muscles are considered. Often our quadriceps (thigh muscles) are most focused on when it comes to knee rehab, when all the other muscles around the knee joint (hamstrings, adductors and calves) should be considered too. It’s important to make sure the root cause is identified and that you are given the appropriate rehab, rather than generic knee exercises.

If you find sitting down or standing up to be tricky, try this:

  • When going to sit down, push your knees forward but allow your weight to shift into your heels

  • When standing up, push your knees forward and press through the balls of your feet (think where your shoelaces are). Straighten up at your hips before your knees.

Although this might seem impossible to start with, the more you practice, the easier the movement will become and the less discomfort you should experience. If you consider how often you sit down and stand back up during the day, this may just provide some relief.

Looking to take up tennis this summer?

Contact me here for more advice, guidance or to book a session at JT Biokinetic.

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