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  • Do you suffer from orthopaedic injuries (frozen shoulder, backache, neck pain, hip pain etc) or chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Cardiac conditions, diabetes, cerebral palsy etc)?

  • Have you had surgery and require physical rehabilitation, or strengthening prior to surgery in order to decrease the post-surgery recovery time?

  • Do you suffer from general aches and pains and find your movement restricted?

  • Are you looking for a long-term solution rather than short-term relief?

  • Would you like to return to an activity or sport from which you are currently restricted or unable to participate in? Would you like to improve your general movement and functionality? Or be more comfortable whilst at your work desk?

My mission is to help you restore any imbalances or rehabilitate injuries in such a manner that they do not reoccur. I believe it is essential to treat each person as an individual and to provide exercise rehabilitation tailored to you specifically. I do not, make use of a “one size fits all” approach. I take a keen interest in everyone I see and provide support and education regarding your situation. I believe in empowering you to take responsibility for your own process which leads to a more positive, long-lasting outcome for you


I use exercise as my main mode of therapy to treat orthopaedic injuries, chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases. Movement is essential for our bodies’ mental and physical well being yet in today’s modern, busy world, movement and exercise is often forgotten or put on the back burner. Movement is also hampered or lost due to injury, age, lifestyle, disease or it may be hereditary. As a result of this, our bodies biomechanics are altered as certain muscles stiffen up whilst others become inactive or overactive. This, in turn, can create discomfort leading to pain and eventually injuries.



I am a qualified Biokineticist / Clinical Exercise Specialist and I completed my undergraduate BComm degree in Human Kinetics and Ergonomics at Rhodes University. I went on to obtain my postgraduate BA Honours in Biokinetics at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. I have a special interest in orthopaedic injuries, in particular, the lower limb. However, I also treat chronic and lifestyle diseases.

At 24 I was told I would never be able to exercise again. Biokinetics not only got me back to full fitness but became my vocation.


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I can help you!

I pride myself in:

  • Acting professionally and ethically

  • Using a holistic approach

  • Treating each person as an individual

  • Thoroughly exploring and listening to your current and past medical history

  • Addressing the cause rather than just the symptoms of your complaint

  • Exploring conservative treatment rather than surgery (where possible)

  • Providing education and advice pertaining to your condition and providing you with a long-term solution.


First and foremost, I am passionate about helping people. As someone who has suffered a debilitating injury myself and made to believe there was no further help for me, my goal is to help people in similar situations discover new ways in which to function at THEIR optimum.


I believe that everyone is unique and approach each treatment with this in mind. I aim to provide people with the tools necessary to be able to take control of their situations and to learn how to manage themselves long term. I also believe in building relationships with everyone I treat as this provides a platform of trust and ultimately a better outcome for the individual.


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