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During the initial consultation, my aim is to listen to you and to understand your unique story.  We discuss your current complaint and how you feel you have gotten to this point.  We chat about your current daily activities, what movements cause you discomfort and what you are currently finding a challenge.  Most importantly, we discuss what you would like to get back to doing once the pain is gone and you can move comfortably again.  We delve into your exercise and injury history because it is important to consider even those incidents you may think of as irrelevant, as these will help me piece together your story and make sense of how your injury has developed.


I then take you through a series of movements and assessments which will provide valuable information as to what your body is currently comfortable tolerating.  These assessments will vary between patients as everyone is unique and therefore some movements may have to be adapted to cater for the individual.

With both your history and your movement information established, I explain what you need to do in order to achieve your goal.  I show you how you got to where you are now and more importantly, how I can help you get back to where you want to be. 

I put together a rehab plan specific to you and your desired outcomes so that we both have a roadmap to get you back to optimal health and we understand what needs to be achieved at each step along the way as well as how long we feel it may take to reach the desired goal.

Each following session begins and ends with a movement assessment to establish what needs to be achieved within the session to get you towards your end goal.  During the session I work according to what I have found to ensure that I’m able to move you on to the next stage. 

Each session will continue in this manner until you reach your goal.

Is biokinetics right for you? Find out with my free discovery call.


My aim is for you to feel as relaxed as possible during your treatment.  Please come in comfortably fitting, appropriate clothing.  For the majority of treatments you will not be required to remove any clothing although at times I may ask you to remove your shirt or roll up your trousers if you are comfortable to do so.


Please do let me know if you are feeling unwell or have come in to contact with anyone who has shown symptoms in the past 14 days. If you are feeling unwell on the morning of your appointment we will discuss the most appropriate treatment plan over the phone.

Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible as there is currently no waiting area.  Please wear a mask on arrival and sanitize your hands with the provided hand sanitizer. 

The room will be cleaned between each patient in accordance with current guidelines.  Time management will therefore be strict. 

I will do everything possible to make your experience as normal as possible but at the same time allow you to feel as safe as possible.

Please note that toilet facilities are not available unless in a case of emergency.


Here at JT Biokinetics, I like to be upfront and make sure everyone on the same page from the start, I know no one likes nasty surprises! 


To make sure your sessions are as easy as possible I have onsite card payment facilities and kindly ask that if you're unable to attend your appointment that you provide me with a minimum of 24hrs notice to avoid being charged for the full session. 


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment today please get in touch. 

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