I spent 6 months (and a lot of money) trying to get an injury fixed to no avail before Julia was recommended to me.  With her approach of identifying the cause and treating this as well as the symptoms, providing treatment and tailoring a bespoke strengthening and return to exercise plan, I was soon pain-free and able to return to running. I can highly recommend her, in fact, I often do!


I started seeing Julia in February 2017 after many years of recurrent back issues. She immediately observed the causes of my problems and after several appointments, there was a marked improvement in my flexibility. I have adopted a regular regime of stretches and maintenance sessions and since then my hips and pelvis have remained in alignment. 
Julia is very knowledgeable in her field and her use of biokinetics has had a profound positive effect on my physical well being


 I am always suspicious when I read testimonials like this however, for the first time ever I am writing one as I would like others to benefit.   For over 25 years I have seen a variety of different people for back issues.  I have received better results in a short time with treatment from Julia then I have had with years of treatment from others.   Finally someone treats the cause as opposed to just easing the pain.


I first started seeing Julia in October 2017 as I was having a lot of pain in my lower back, extending
down through my legs, knees and lower legs. I couldn’t walk for any amount of distance without
being in extreme pain and limping. I would get swelling around my knees and walking up and down
stairs was very painful.

Julia could feel that some muscles throughout my body had a lot of tightness and some were overcompensating
for others as the main issue was ‘lazy glutes’. The work Julia does can be painful at
times, however, the benefits are and continue to be immense. Straight away my body felt so much
more relaxed and looser, it’s amazing how used to feeling a certain way you get, until Julia gets her
hands on you!

Julia has always set me various different exercises to do at home throughout my time seeing her,
sending me video clips of them which are really helpful, I still do a variety of exercises now and the
improvement in me is really good.

Initially, I saw Julia once a week to really get a grip of everything, I now see her once a month. I very
rarely have pain in my lower legs now, my knees are so much better, only really the occasional
twinge and my back has improved as well.

I recently attended Badminton Horse Trials with my daughter and managed to walk round the
course for hour’s pain free. If it wasn’t for the work that Julia has done for me there is no way I
could have done that without being in agony.

I am extremely grateful to Julia and will continue to see her on a monthly basis to keep me ticking


I was recommended Julia by a friend.

A year before, I had an arthroscopy on my knee at the age of 43, but it still wasn’t right. I had basically given up on any hope of running.

My friend persuaded me to try Julia, because she was different from surgeons and even physiotherapists. I quickly found this out.

What I liked about Biokinetics from day 1, is that the work starts right there in the treatment room. I walked out of the first session, not with a list of exercises to try, but having had hard, physical interventions that made me feel like progress had already been started. Yes, there was homework to do, which I did, but each week I felt some signs of progress. The use of the electrodes for strengthening is great - you feel like you’ve been to the gym without all the effort! And Julia has a direct, but engaging manner which means that you get honest communication and feedback, but always knowing that she’s on your side. And the way she explains what’s going on means it all makes sense, and you trust the direction she wants you to go in.

After 10 sessions, the difference was more than I would have hoped for.

I am back running again. I don’t think I’ll ever do a marathon, but I know I can go out for a 5k park run without having to worry, and can make a meaningful contribution in a game of lads v dads football! And of course, cycling and swimming are firmly on the agenda whenever I like.

I would highly recommend Julia and Biokinetics for anybody who has a problem, and certainly for anybody who has given up hope on the standard surgical and physio routes.


Hi Julia, thanks for the exercises. Just want to say you are amazing.... first time ever I have felt so good. Still can’t believe what you have done in one treatment and it made such a difference. I have slept so well, and could sleep on both sides which was impossible before, no pins and needles and on top off it I managed to take my top of easily. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Will definitely pass your good work on.  I have never felt so good with any other treatments I had before.


Julia has been instrumental in helping recover from patella tendinitis in my right knee. Rather than treating the problem at source (just in my knee), Julia used was able to identify muscle imbalances in my body and gave me exercises to strengthen these muscle groups.  I was also treated with a Compex machine alongside massage, which proved to be very effectively. I subsequently bought a Compex to help me recover and train and am able to use it with Julia's tuition. Julia's expertise was invaluable in treating my injuries and recommending the appropriate exercises. The world of biokinetics is a something that is very new to me and I'm very glad to have found someone who is an expert in the field.


I can't recommend Julia highly enough and would urge anyone with any sort of injury to seek her help.