During the initial consultation, which is an hour long, I will take a detailed medical history including any medications which could have implications on your exercise, recovery time etc, previous injuries and activities of daily living. I will then take you through an orthopaedic assessment where applicable orthopaedic tests will be used to determine any restrictions, limitations or conditions. I will also assess muscle strength and functionality. Based on my findings I will then begin treatment as well as equip you with specific exercises to perform at home.


The treatment duration will depend on a variety of factors:


  • The extent of your complaint or injury

  • Your physiological response to treatment

  • Your dedication to your process

I will discuss various options with you in how we will work together to achieve your goals and reach your expectations. Initially, you may require more frequent sessions but the aim is always to equip you to manage your own condition and therefore the time between sessions will increase. This will be determined by your speed of recovery. It is then recommended but not mandatory that you have follow-ups once in a while to ensure that you are maintaining your optimum functionality.


Each session will begin with an assessment to determine any changes or where there may still be a restriction or limitation. Depending on this, I will use a variety of complementary methods to improve your functionality. This may include soft tissue therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and muscle energy techniques (MET). Sessions will always include specific, isolated exercises, tailored to your individual needs. You will also be given specific rehabilitative exercises to do at home.

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Here at JT Biokinetics, we like to be upfront and make sure everyone on the same page from the start, we know no one likes nasty surprises! 


To make sure your sessions are as easy as possible we have onsite card payment facilities and kindly ask that if you're unable to attend your appointment that you provide us with a minimum of 24hrs notice to avoid being charged for the full session. 


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment today please get in touch. 


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